My name is Diana Costin, 2D/3D artist based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

For as long as I can remember, as far back as in primary school, I was not really paying attention to the classes, but I was drawing on the back of all my notebooks. So I realized that I have to channel this creative river of thoughts into something. That’s why I went searching further to find a cure for my “disease”, trying to get professional help into treatment facilities, a.k.a art and design schools, where I stayed for 7 years, untill they finally kicked me out and gave me a diagnostic: chronic creative disease.

Then one day I realized that the cure was in me, and I started taking these pills: a lot of different projects like sketches, digital illustration, vector illustrations, game design and 3D. Even during my free time I continue my creative quest for new ideas and techniques. You can check my daily dose of treatment available on my portfolio page.

It’s in my nature as you might already know by now, so feel free to contact me by email if you need my professional help on your projects.